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space and architecture in kathmandu

Language of disaster: exploring the altered architectural fabric of Durbar Square, Kathmandu

This is a RIBA sponsored research that aims to study the impact of the destruction caused by the recent earthquake on the city’s architecture, imagery and building fabric. It seeks to re-evaluate our relationship with city’s architecture and its symbiotic relationship with people, culture and religion to explore reinterpretation of the way we view and consume architecture. To achieve this empirical and narrative aim, the research attempts to map the extent of damage in the architectural fabric and breakdown of its links with everyday activities and practices using the historic civic plaza locally called Durbar Square in Basantapur in Kathmandu. The research approach relies on the involving experiences of the affected people, cad mapping and use of visual and multimedia tools to rediscover the historical/architectural and sociocultural connections between the buildings and its users. The research is a collaborative effort between researchers in the UK and Nepal.

The first visit to site took place in September 2015.