Symposium on

Transformation of public spaces in Kathmandu: A case of Tundikhel

14 September 2015, Green Room, Himalaya Hotel, Kupondole Heights, Kathmandu

A symposium was organized on 14th September 2015 at Himalaya Hotel, Kathmandu to discuss and debate issues around Tundikhel. Convening scholars, artists, architects, and planners from Kathmandu, the symposium engaged in contemporary critical discourses and practices on public space in general and Tundikhel in particular. The participants examined how different forces of neoliberalism, political and community activism are shaping and reshaping the use and extent of Tundikhel within the broad context of the city’s urbanism.

Speakers Bio

Prof Bharat Sharma

Prof Sharma is currently Chairman of Centre for Integrated Urban Development since its formation in 2002. He is also a Professor of Architecture at Engineering Campus Pulchowk. He retired as the Director General of Department of Housing and Urban Development. His passion for open spaces is known to us all and his contribution to Urban Planning in Kathmandu has been immense.

Prof Mohan Moorti Panta 

Prof Pant is currently Professor in Postgraduate Department of Urban Design and Conservation at Khwopa Engineering College. He is the author of Stupa and Swastika-Historical Urban Planning Principles of Kathmandu Valley Towns and has contributed numerous articles in national and international journals. Prof Pant earned his PhD (2002) from Kyoto University and worked in Japan, for four years. His contribution in open spaces and heritage and linking these two has been well recognised.

Dr Bijaya K. Shrestha

Dr. Shrestha has an illustrious work profile. He  has worked  in numerous national and international organisations including  United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD): Disaster Management Hyogo Office, Kobe, Japan including consultants for ADB and UNICEF for housing, sanitation and disaster projects. He also worked as a Manager at Town Development Fund in Nepal, where he coordinated on various infrastructure projects in different municipalities with assistance from various donor agencies such as World Bank and ADB etc. Dr Shrestha is the recipient of numerous gold medals and prizes for his excellent academic performance. He has widely published and is a leading figure in planning field in the country today.

Dr Urmi Sengupta

Dr Sengupta is currently a Lecurer in Queen’s University Belfast teaching and researching in land, housing and heritage in cities of Global South. At Queen’s University she coordinates Masters of Urban Design Programme. Prior to that, she worked in Ulster University and in Hong Kong. She is both a Town Planner and an Architect. Her architecture degree was from SPA New Delhi. She has widely published in international journals and is a consultant to various local and International agencies operating in various parts of South Asia.

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